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Specializing in Naval Damage Control


Introducing the WSOA Water/Smoke Overboard Apparatus

The WSOA is designed to allow for the removal of both smoke and water through the existing 4 overboard discharge. This allows the ship to maintain water-tight integrity. To increase the ships ability to respond quickly and efficiently in the area of toxic atmosphere or desmoking evolutions to rid the atmosphere of harmful contaminates without hampering the mission of the ship or daily routine. Utilize repair team personnel more effectively in the face of minimum manned ships and equipment. Reduce the use 1 fire hoses used to discharge fire main water from the Ram Fan over the side. Keep a harmful atmosphere contained in one area vice breaking set boundaries by opening hatches and scuttles possibly introducing contaminates to a space with personnel that are unprotected. Maximize the use of repair locker equipment the way it was designed for the removal of contaminated atmospheres. Eliminate the clean up of residual fire main from fire hoses throughout various compartments.

WSOA p/n WSOA-PTN NSN 4730016188324 Consult DC Central www.dcppe.org

Kit, Desmoking Equipment 1-8 AEL# 2-880044237


New Improved RDD (Rapid Deployment Ducting) Air Duct Hose Assembly in 50 and 30 foot lengths. Less storage space and less manpower to carry and install. Increased safety due to being self-grounded, thus offering an explosion-proof design. Design is non-kinking and non-corrosive!

DW5010PTN: RDD (Rapid Deployment Ducting) HOSE ASSY, AIR DUCT 10" X 50': With 48" Attached Storage Bag. NSN: 4210-01-618-8331

DW3010PTN: RDD (Rapid Deployment Ducting) HOSE ASSY, AIR DUCT 10" X 30' With 36" Attached Storage Bag. NSN: 4210-01-619-1327




BA20PTN: Adapter Flange, Navy Ram Fan Blower Adapter; RDD Adapter Flange 10" (Fits Old and New Style 10" Duct)


Continuous fog output (30-40% more fog than its G100 predecessor) from our Rapid Change Technology Heat Exchanger. The Battle Fogger incorporates a large heating block, a strong whisper-quiet pump and our award-winning Rapid Change Technology. The machine has a large one-gallon integrated fluid tank that prevents leaks and drips, a built-in handle, special hammer-tone finish that resists scratched and wear and a built-in 4 hose adapter.


  • Continuous Fog Output
  • Rapid Change Heat Exchanger Design
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Chassis
  • Electromechanical Over Temperature Protection
  • One-Gallon "No Leak" Integrated Fluid Reservoir
  • Includes a Rapid Change Replacement Kit
  • Illuminated Fog Ready Switch on the Remote
  • Includes Full Function Timer Remote Control


  • Run Time: Continuous
  • Reheat Time: 9 min. Initial
  • Fluid Consumption: Burst: 114 cc/min. - Continuous: 47 cc/ min.
  • Technical Benchmark Spec.: 3,290 cfm @ 1 meter visibility
  • Competitive Comparison: 15,000 cfm

CLF4250PTN: Navy Battle Fogger: Smoke Generator (NSN 4210-01-534-9225)

CFF4210PTN: 1 Gal Navy Heavy Smoke Fluid (NSN 4210-01-534-9231)

CFF4211PTN: 5 Gal Navy Heavy Smoke Fluid (NSN 4210-01-535-0087)

CFF2801: 1 Gal EZ Kleen Solution; Preventive Maintenance cleaning fluid for the Navy Battle Fogger (NSN 6850016046425)











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